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Created In Fire (Art of Love #2)

Created In Fire (Art of Love #2) - Donna McDonald

I loved this book, this series and this crazy and passionate family.Created in Fire is the second book in the Art of Love series and revolves around Michael and Carrie. Michael is an abstract artist and has been in love with Carrie for years but has had to stand back and watch her get married ......... twice, and then watch her get engaged to another man after that.Carrie on the other hand has deep-seated issues with Michael which relates to their past history. She is trying to deal with it, but even so, there were times when I wanted to shake her and get her to either listen to reason or at the very least discuss the problems she has with him. But she is so stubborn and does not talk about her fears or her feeling and half the time he has to guess what she needs and has to act on his instincts more than is healthy in a relationship. But he perseveres, and manages to get what he wants and what he feels she wants and needs too LOL.All the Larson men, not just Michael, are extremely charismatic and have strong ethics, but they are all driven by their passions to such an extent that their partners are sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it all. Don't get me wrong, the women they love are all passionate, strong and demanding in their own right, but these men take their passions to a whole new level, sweeping everyone along with them. They will do absolutely anything for the women they love, and I do mean anything - they love with every fibre of their being.I loved that the characters from Carved in Stone are also prominent in this book - it is great to see how they are doing and the interaction between the entire family is a lot of fun to read.I really enjoy the author's writing style, the pace is fast and held my attention until the last page. I kept watching the progress bar at the bottom of my kindle, not wanting it to end. Heaven knows what I will read after I have read the following two books as I think I am slightly addicted to this series :)I highly recommend this book and this series - I LOVED it, it is a really GREAT read.