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Carved In Stone (Art of Love #1)

Carved In Stone (Art of Love #1) - Donna McDonald Wow!I loved this book and could not put it down. It is not often you find a novel dealing with strong, sexy characters who are no longer in their 20’s and 30’s, so it made for a refreshing change to read about the relationship issues facing the more mature generation, and it was so welcome.I loved the characters in the story. Will is a very sexy and strong 53 year old sculptor who was ready to find love and settle down with that one special person. Jessica on the other hand is a very sexy and strong 47 year old art teacher who had serious emotional issues, and was not ready to settle down and love again. When they meet, sparks fly, in more ways than one.They were meant to be together – Will knew it, I could see it, but Jessica ... hmm she had her doubts. She was physically attracted to him the first time they met, but she kept her deepest emotions out of her relationships and Will had his hands full getting her to realize and admit that they were destined to be together.Will’s two sons were a very welcome addition to this story. They are both blessed with good looks, talent and more importantly the strength of character they inherited from their father, which made them so attractive and irresistible to women.At 80% into the book I started panicking – there was so much I still wanted to see happen, but with only a few chapters left there was no way it could realistically take place, sooo I logged on to Amazon (yet again) to see if there was a sequel --- YES, so I downloaded it immediately.I loved this book