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This Rock in My Heart

This Rock in My Heart - Tommie Vaughn I LOVED this book!!!!It does not get much better than this - reading and rock 'n roll together - I certainly can't ask for more than that.This is an awesome story. Frankie Spencer is a young woman who got married far too young and left her hometown for the big city, and spent the next few years in the shadow of her controlling husband, but after a rather nasty confrontation with him, she moved out.For the first time in many years, Frankie was in control of her own life, and she flew with it. She loves her job at the recording studio, and has made some really good friends. They all support and encourage each other as they all have a dream; their dream is music, in all its awesomeness.All the characters in this book are really great. They have such flair and a very real sense of individuality, they are also blessed with enormous talent, and yet, they are vulnerable and sensitive to what goes on around them, and to them, and this is where their friendship really comes into play - they are there for each other - always, which is awesome.All the characters are so driven by their passion for music, that you are drawn into their story. Their sorrow becomes your sorrow, and when they triumph you cheer them on and give them virtual high fives, and somehow in between all this ..... you become their biggest fan. Brilliant.This is a really good book, it is extremely well written, and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good story with strong characters who are not afraid to get out there and take the world by storm. If you love music as much as I do, that is a bonus. Read this book, you will not regret it.