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The One We Feed

The One We Feed - Kristina Meister The One We Feed is the second book in The Apocalyptic series, and I must say I am sorry I did not read Craving first, as a lot happens in book 2 that would have made a lot more sense, a lot quicker, if I had.I have also never read a book quite like this one before, but I am so glad I did because it was a great read. It was not a book I could read on the fly, or a book I would grab when I had a few minutes, it was a book I needed to sit down with, and give it my full attention.I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style of the author, and the many references to Buddhism and Zen philosophies - mixed in with immortals, mutants and the un-dead, made for very interesting reading.The build up to the ending of this book was great – totally not what I was expecting, but it was so ‘right’ – it ended on a strong sound note. I will definitely be reading Craving and look forward to reading more in the series after that.Kristina Meister has written a unique book (series) that breathes new life into a genre that has become stale and overdone, and for that I am thankful.I'm received an ARC of the ebook for an honest review. It is due to be released on 16 August 2013.