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Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O'er Me

Love Reign o'er Me - Anne-Marie Klein I LOVED THIS BOOK !!This is one of those occasions when my lack of writing skills seriously frustrates me. I cannot for the life of me put into words how much I enjoyed this book.The story takes place in the late 70's and is the story of Ian, a very talented musician from a wealthy family who is running from his past, and Sarah the beautiful girl he met in a music shop.Ian is shy and sensitive and has a problem opening up to people, while Sarah is the total opposite, but they connect, and fall in love. It is not an easy relationship as Ian has serious baggage he cannot share with Sarah, and this, on top of other problems he has, causes a rift between them. It is left up to Sarah to try and help him, but she makes a decision that does not work out for them, and they go their separate ways - on a personal level, but stay with the band. The band, in the meantime, is doing well and they are working hard to achieve their goals and are well on their way to reaching the rock star status they want so badly.This story is beautifully written, it is fast paced with wonderful characters that are driven by their love of music, but at the same time, they are devoted to their families and friends. It is a story with lots of twists and turns that caught me unawares at times.There were many times I cringed at the decisions the characters made, but it made the story real, and the characters so genuine and sincere that you can't help but be drawn into their story, and silently hope and pray they ultimately make the right decisions so that they can all live happily ever after :)I look forward to reading Behind Blue eyes: Love Ain't for Keeping, but I must admit I am nervous, in case anything goes wrong ..... LOLI highly recommend this book - it is a fantastic read.