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Fighting to Survive: As the World Dies, Book Two

Fighting to Survive  (As The World Dies, #2) - Rhiannon Frater Fighting to Survive is the second book of the As the World Dies series. I honestly did not think it could be better than ‘The First Days’, but wow, it was AWESOME!!The survivors in the fort no longer have ‘just’ the zombies to contend with, they now have a marauding band of bandits to contend with too – as if life was not difficult enough for everyone already. These bandits are the worst kind of bandits imaginable. They are in fact worse – much worse – than the zombies, as they are still human (which, I suppose, is somewhat debatable).The one positive aspect for the occupants of the fort is that they were eventually able to move into the hotel. Clearing the hotel and making it safe had its own problems and tragedies, but it had a huge impact on morale, and it brought a sense of normality back to everyday life.The characters – the good and the bad – are all great, they have depth, and their weaknesses and strengths are highlighted brilliantly in the story. I really cared about what happens to each and every one of them (except the bandits of course).What was interesting was how the group handled conflict – there is no ‘law’ anymore, no judges and no courts. Everyone has their own feelings on how to deal with serious crimes committed within the group. How they eventually dealt with it, was interesting.I recommend this book to everyone – if you have read post apocalypse/zombie fiction, or not, read this series, it is a brilliant and well written story.