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Falling in Love

Falling in Love - Stephen Bradlee This has got to be the most intense, heartbreaking, but at the same time, the most uplifting book I have read in a long time.Sherry Johnson is a beautiful young woman who was abandoned, as a baby, by her mother. She was left in the 'care' of her cold and bitter aunt and an abusive uncle. This would prove to have a profound effect on her as a young girl. She was desperate to find love and acceptance, and not finding it at home, she searched elsewhere for it, but this led to a destructive cycle of alcohol and sex.As her life spun out of control, and she was forced to leave her hometown, Sherry made her way to New York to try and find her mother's childhood friend, hoping that she would be able to help her to find her mother. On the way to New York, she had car trouble and met Paul, who helped her. They fell in love, but it wasn't long before Sherry destroyed the relationship by acting out on her addiction. She was soon on her own again, and back on the road - on her way to New York.In New York, she found her mother's friend who encouraged her to join a support group for sex addicts. The rest of the story details Sherry's day-to-day struggle, the people she meets, her disappointments and failures as well as her successes and her amazing triumphs.This book was truly intense. I often found myself saying 'noooooo Sherry, please don't do that; don't take that drink; don't leave the house;'. Every step she took, I took with her. My heart broke for her. I cried for her. I applauded her.I highly recommend this book. It is a book about a woman's struggle with sex addiction, but it is in no way an erotica novel. It is well written, and not once did I feel even remotely uncomfortable. I would love to see this book in every bookshop around the world.Get yourself a copy of this book, you will not regret it, it is a really great story