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Gehenna (West of Hell #1)

Gehenna - Jason Brant When I bought this book I thought, ‘A Western, that’s cool’. It reminded me of the Louis L’Amour westerns my father used to have lying around the house when I was growing up.As is fairly typical of a western, a stranger rides into town, he looks like trouble and everyone walks around him or crosses the street, no one makes eye contact ………. sounds familiar, but that is where the similarity to a Louis L’Amour western ends.McCall the outlaw and Karen the prostitute, both have to face certain death from all sides, and only their determination, fear and pissed off attitude can save them as they fight to escape the town that has been overrun with cannibalistic hoards of zombies.They eventually manage to flee the town with the hoards on their heels. They make it to safety ……………… oh yes, this is Jason Brant – nothing is that simple.This was a great start to the West of Hell series.