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A New World: Chaos

A New World: Chaos - John O'Brien A New World: Chaos by John O’Brien is the book that started off my fascination with Post Apocalyptic and survivalist fiction. I read it in one sitting, logged on to Amazon and bought the rest of the series. I read them all – one after the other, far too quickly, as I then had the long, long wait for the next book.The main character in the story is Jack Walker – a former United States Air Force pilot, and special operations soldier. He lives in a Post Apocalyptic world that was brought to its knees by a flu virus which originated in Cape Town.A vaccine was then developed, fast tracked through the necessary channels, and distributed to the public, with disastrous consequences.The result..... the Night Runners. They are not zombies as we know them; they are extremely aggressive, cannibalistic creatures. On the 'bright side', they avoid direct sunlight and are most active at night – which gives the survivors a chance to breathe, and plan, without the constant threat of the Night Runners trying to get to them.The story starts with Jack setting out to rescue his three teenage children who are hiding out in the basement of the house they shared with their mother (his ex-wife). The suspense in the first few pages of the book is nail biting, the way the author details every step Jack takes, and every thought that he has, has you in Jack’s head, which makes for very, very intense reading. At one point Jack accidentally kicked a board, and it went skidding along the floor making a heck of a noise, I cringed.Jack is a no nonsense type of guy, but he is a great Dad, and a caring partner so it was obvious that he would do whatever he could to rescue Lynn, his girlfriend who was stationed in Kuwait. He and his family then ‘borrow’ a military aircraft and set off to find her on an army base, on the other side of the world.The author did a really great job in building the characters in the story. Each and every character was either someone you could relate to, or someone you hope you never get to meet, or more importantly, someone you hope to have in your corner when the ball drops.What made this series really outstanding is that the story line is totally believable. It is told by someone who knows what he is talking about, and it showed. The details and the tactical and technical descriptions, for me, a non-military person, was extremely helpful and was told in a way that I could understand, without taking away from the story at all.This was a really great book and the rest of the series was just as good – if not better. I highly recommend this book, and series, to anyone who enjoys this genre, and even to those who have never tried it before. I loved it.