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Alexandria - John Kaden This is a truly fantastic book. It is an apocalyptic novel about two children who were abducted, along with the rest of the children in their village, when their parents were all murdered. It tells the story about their struggle to survive the ensuing years and how they eventually escape, and then make their way back again to help bring an end to the cult, and their king, who had them kidnapped in the first place.It is not a book filled with mind numbing suspense with twists and turns on every page, but rather it is a beautifully written book with its fair share of suspense, cruelty and murder, but it is interspersed with kindness and adventure, as well as great descriptions of every-day life in a world that no longer bears any resemblance to the world we know today. The descriptions of the landscape and what it looks like hundreds of years after the fall of society is great, and it makes me wish this was a picture book, just to see it all for myself, through the eyes of the author.It is a great book – I loved it.