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A New World: Takedown

A New World: Takedown - John       O'Brien What a great way to start a book - from page one you are thrown in the deep end, right in the middle of an intense battle that is taking place. Thousands of night runners had invaded the sanctuary, and hundreds lay dead, but they were there on a mission and nothing would stop them from completing that mission. Once they had what they came for, they left, just like that.That was just the start. From page one right up until the last page, it was non-stop action. Intense, heart stopping action. At one stage in the book I counted four different nail biting encounters happening with various characters all at the same time. I was even tempted at one stage to `skim read' to find out what was happening at another location, but I never did, I just breathed deeply and carried on reading.This was an awesome book. I have probably read well over a thousand books in my life, but this one will always stand out as one of the greats.