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Devoured (The Hunger) (Volume 1)

Devoured (The Hunger) - Jason Brant A few weeks ago when Jason Brant announced that his new book - Devoured, would soon be released, I was thrilled.All the other PA books I have read recently have kick-ass ex-army/special forces, highly trained terminator types as the main characters - which is cool, we like these strong silent types. The main character in Devoured, on the other hand, is the ordinary guy in the street. A bit of a loser according to his `charming' soon-to-be-ex-wife, and even to an extent, himself, but when the world starting crumbling, he became the person we will all want on our side when the odds are stacked against us.The creatures in this book are not zombie as we know them, they are different in a few very important ways - and are terrifying.Devoured is the first book in the series - `The Hunger' - no cliffhanger, thank goodness, just a very good book with lots of action, surprises, terrifying moments, and as we have come to expect from Jason Brant - humor. I loved this book and could not put it down. I look forward (impatiently) to the next in the series. A really good book.