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The Remaining: Fractured

Fractured - D.J. Molles I could not wait for this book to be released,and logged on to Amazon numerous times to check if it was available yet.From page one, the action and suspense in `Fractured', was intense.As I have come to expect from DJ Molles, it felt as if I was a shadow following the characters around and experiencing what they were experiencing. He has the uncanny ability to pull you into the story, which is good when everything is going well (which isn't often I might add), but when it is not ........ it is intense (that word again).His characterization is amazing. What I really enjoyed the most was watching these characters change as time wore on. Living the life they lead, it is obvious that they will change, and that their priorities will change too, and it was fascinating to read about these changes. Some are small changes, but others huge life-altering changes. These character adjustments were so vital to the overall feel of the story unfolding, and were incredibly well thought out.I look forward to the next book in the series and highly recommend this to anyone interested in reading a really, really good book.