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Morrigan: Trials of a Teenage Witch (The Dark Queen)

Morrigan: Tale of a Teenage Witch - Amanda McKeon I loved this book, it was perfect in every way.The author tells the story of Morrigan, a teenager who loses her parents in the worst way possible and who, while grieving for her parents, learns that she is the descendant of a long line of witches and that she, too, is a witch.It is a lovely story of a young girl finding herself and learning how to cope with her gift/curse, while those around her shun her because of what they suspect her to be.The story is beautifully told, with strong characters and a strong storyline which takes the reader through the stunningly beautiful landscape of rural Ireland, along with some of the local dialect thrown in for good measure – fantastic. It is not often that I get to the end of a book and think ‘noooooo, not yet, I want more’.This is a really good book. I highly recommend it and look forward to the next book – impatiently .........