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No Easy Hope (Surviving the Dead) (Volume 1)

No Easy Hope: 1 (Surviving the Dead) - James N. Cook When I first came across this book, I read the reviews first, of course, and I distinctly remember one of the reviewers saying that it was ‘a man’s book’ full of manly descriptions involving weapons etc. I am not a man, I am also not a weapons expert nor do I know anything about military terms and manoeuvres, but I though why not, it looks interesting, and downloaded it. One of my better decisions – it was a page turner and I could not put it down.It was extremely lucky for Eric that he was a very wealthy man and that he could prepare for the worst, before it happened. His survival setup was every man’s dream –or every man or woman who wakes up to an apocalypse type scenario’s dream safe haven. Lots of cool gear and gadgets, and everything else you would need to survive – except enough food, and that is what eventually forces Eric to leave and try and join up with his friend Gabe.This book deals with his journey and what he encounters along the way.It is a great read with really great characters – and I did not hesitate to download This Shattered Land