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The Gate

The Gate - Jason Brant I really, really enjoyed this book. It was scary, as expected, but not soul destroyingly so. The thought of the existence of a gateway to hell, or even another dimension inhabited by the creatures depicted in this book is enough to send shivers down my spine.The story was well written, and the description of the church and the surrounding area was so well described, it felt as if I had actually seen it myself. It was also fast paced and kept me interested right through to the surprising end. The characters were great too – the good and the bad, so much so that I wanted to give the ‘Ghost busters’ a slap, on more than one occasion.What I really enjoy about Jason Brant’s writing is that I end up thinking about the story long after I have put the book down. I always walk away with the feeling of ‘what if’ ……………nah too scary to go down that route.A really good read, highly recommended.