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This Shattered Land: Surviving the Dead (Volume 2)

This Shattered Land: Surviving the Dead: 2 - James N. Cook This Shattered Land took the Surviving the Dead series to another level altogether. The characters seemed to grow and the author obviously put a lot of thought into their growth and the direction the story would take. Eric and Gabe are all set in the cabin Gabe had prepared for the long haul. They had pretty much everything they needed, including solar panels, hot water, guns and ammo. What they didn’t have, they foraged/scavenged for in the neighbouring towns.But, as can be expected, it was not an easy existence. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it must be for two people, even good friends, to live in such close proximity to each other for months, or years on end, without interaction with other people. It would drive anyone crazy after a while.Added to that, was the fact that they had to be constantly on the lookout for zombies, or even worse, other survivors. As in real life, those who do not have, will want what you have, nothing changes, it just becomes more dangerous – a matter of life or death, so they need to be vigilant at all times. This added to the fact that they needed interaction with people eventually started to wear on them and they eventually decide to leave their safe haven, and try and get to Colorado.While searching for medical and other supplies they would need on the trip, they meet a family of three and decide to join forces and try and get to Colorado together, and so their journey begins.This was a very good read, but left me with the awful feeling you get when you know you will need to wait months for the next installment. Highly recommended