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Warrior Within (Surviving the Dead) (Volume 3)

Warrior Within  - James N. Cook At last!!! Warrior Within was on my most anticipated book list for 2013, and it did not disappoint.I really enjoyed this book, it was a lot different from the first two – not much zombie action but a lot of human vs. human action.The book deals primarily with Eric, and the plan for him to go undercover and infiltrate the Free Legion. The Free Legion is a military type group of ‘men’ (?) who have an agenda. No-one seems to know where they come from or who they are directly affiliated with, or what their plan for the future is, but one thing they do know, is that Hollow Rock, the town where Eric and Gabe currently live, is one of their targets.There is a lot of action and suspense in this book, but there was also the budding romance between Gabe and the mayor (yes!!), and Eric and Allison, which brought another aspect to the story.I loved the ending of this book …………………….