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The Devil's Tattoo

The Devil's Tattoo - Nicole R. Taylor



The Devil's Tattoo

By Nicole R Taylor

Published: August 28, 2013

Genre: Rock fiction


I loved everything about this book – the cover, the title, and the story.


The storyline itself is strong and draws you in right from the start, and is a fast moving page turner.  It is written with chapters alternating between Zoe and Will’s POV.  I found this interesting because I don’t usually enjoy the alternating POV setup, but in this case it was great and worked very well – actually ……… it was awesome.


The author did a really great job with the characters – each one of them played an integral part in the story which gave it depth and made the relationship between the bands and the members interesting.  I loved how each member of the two bands interacted with each other, and how they were there for each other.  This was an exciting time for them all, and being on the road and in each other’s company 24/7 must have been difficult, and without the stability of good friendship, it could have all unravelled in an instant.


I especially loved the friendship between Zoe and her best friend Dee. Their friendship and how they related to each other was awesome.  He is the type of person any woman would love to have as a best friend. He understood her and protected her from everyone, including herself.  He loved her.


I loved the world-building in this book, I could visualize each and every club they played in, the dingy hotels and motels, and life on the touring bus.  The author did a great job with this.


This was a really good book, taking a shy and insecure office worker and catapulting her to rock stardom works for me.  Add to that the chemistry between Zoe and Will, wow, it was sizzling HOT!


Great book – I loved it, and could not put it down.