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Consumed: The Hunger series

Consumed (The Hunger #2) - Jason Brant



Consumed:  The Hunger Series

by Jason Brant

Published: September 9, 2013

Genre: Post Apocalypse


After reading Devoured, I was very happy with the way things ended. Our heroes were in a safe place, safe from everything and everyone wandering the streets of the cities and out in the countryside. It was a huge relief. But that relief was to be short lived.


Consumed started off with a bang, and the action and suspense did not let up until I put the book down. It was an intense read, filled to capacity with terrifying scenes of mindless daywalkers - always on the lookout for their next victim; militant Minutemen wanting to take over the world - and loving the new world thrust upon them; and the vampires - who owned the night.


Not in my worst nightmares could I have come up with a monster like these vampires, they are absolutely terrifying.


Jason Brant has spun a story based on the end of the world as we know it, filled with horror and terror and things that go bump in the night. But, at the heart of all this chaos is Lance, Cass, Doc and Eifort, they together will take on this new world and make a place for themselves, and other survivors.


It is a bloody and violent story at times, but at the core it is about brave men and women who stand up against incredible odds to fight the fight, it is about heroes with compassion, and it is about love.


At times, when the suspense got too much, Jason Brant's humor came into play, making me laugh instead of run.


It is incredibly well written and moves at a phenomenal pace - there is no time to breathe while reading this book.


I have read countless Post Apocalyptic books over the last few years, and Consumed is without a doubt one the best I have read to date.


Great book – scary as heck, but very, very good.

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