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Never Go Back

Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel - Lee Child



Never Go Back

By Lee Child

Published: August 29, 2013

Genre: Thriller / Mystery


Where is Jack Reacher? Who is this imposter?


I am a huge Lee Child / Jack Reacher fan, and have been reading these books for years, but it has got to the point where I say that this could very well be my last Jack Reacher purchase. It pains me to say this, as these books have been the highlight of my reading calender for so long, but the decline has become more noticeable with this book.


There were a few times when I seriously considered not finishing the book, but this is Lee Child and Reacher, surely it can only get better? No, the writing was consistent throughout, it was boring and repetitive. The plot was weak, and every solution to a problem on both sides was just too convenient, unbelievably so on many occasions.


Jack Reacher, in my opinion, has become arrogant - he is no longer the Jack Reacher I have enjoyed reading about all these years.  This new Jack does things because he can - not because he must in order to survive.  The ridiculous fire episode and the aeroplane scene clinched the deal for me.


The ending, and the reason for all the trouble Jack found himself in, was crazy, far-fetched and not what we have come to expect from Lee Child either.


I have been holding back on this review for days, but when you take the price of this book and what is between the covers, I think it is important that potential readers know that this is not up to Lee Child's earlier standards.


I am definitely the minority when it comes to reviewing this book - the 5 star reviews are rolling in on both Amazon and Goodreads. Maybe you will still enjoy this book if you are a die-hard Reacher fan, if not, I would give it a skip and rather try Lee Child's earlier Jack Reacher novels - they were brilliant.


Would I recommend this book?  No
Will I buy the next book?  Not on pre-order, I will wait for the reviews to come in first before buying - if at all.