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Friends Without Benefits

Friends Without Benefits - Penny Reid



Friends Without Benefits

Series: Knitting In The City #2

Author:  Penny Reid

Published:  September 29, 2013

Genre:  Romance


I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was a fun read, it was romantic, and it made me laugh – I love that combination.


The story is about Elizabeth and Nico who grew up together.  Nico has loved Elizabeth his whole life, but she had no idea how he felt about her, even after the one night she spent with him after sneaking into his bedroom (as teenagers).  She left the next day and cut all ties with him and that was the last time they saw or heard from each other until years later when a chance meeting brought them back together again.  By this time she was a doctor and he was the very famous and charismatic star of his own TV show.  Sparks flew.


Elizabeth is a complex character – but she had so much noise going on inside her head she was incapable of listening, or making rational decisions where Nico was concerned.  Nico on the other hand knew what he wanted and went for it – no questions and no hesitation.


There were times when I wanted to tell Elizabeth to sit down, sit still and focus, and.. just.. listen, not to what was going on in her own head, but to listen to what Nico was actually trying to say.  She always acted first without thinking and ended up saying the funniest things when in the same room as Nico.  She is a great character though and made me laugh out loud a number of times.


For some reason I bought this book without reading Neanderthal Seeks Human – the first book in the 'Knitting in the City' series.  I have since rectified that and look forward to reading it, and many more books by Penny Reid as I enjoy her relaxed writing style and humour.


A great read.