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Wethering The Storm

Wethering the Storm - Samantha Towle


Wethering the Storm

By:  Samantha Towle

Published:August 20, 2013

Genre: Rock fiction


Rock fiction is one of my favorite genres - I have read so many I often wonder if it is time to give it a rest, but then I find a series like The Storm Series and I say NEVER!.  


So much about the story has been said before, The Bad Boy of Rock meets The Girl and he changes his wicked ways - done one hundred and one times.  Yes, but this one is different, at least I think so.  


What I loved about the story:


It is well written, with great characters and a really good story line - predictable at times, but I loved it anyway.


What I did not like:


Jealousy triggered tantrums, again and again by both Jake and Tru.  I hate jealousy.


Tru's insecurities drove me nuts, but it is probably not easy to love someone and have to put up with all the women who throw themselves at your man.  


Tru was also inclined to act first in temper or a fit of jealousy without a thought to the consequences - sometimes I wondered if I even liked her as a character, but as the book progressed she seemed to mature and come to terms with Jake's life and the changes she would need to make and accept if she wanted to be a part of his life.  


I never, every cry when I read - but I cried reading this book.  There were scenes that were so beautifully written I couldn't help but cry.


One other thing - at one point in the book, I had this conversation with Tru "no, no, no, don't do that, darn it, I knew it #*$*#**.  My husband gave me 'the look' and said "Chill, it is just a book".  If I had 'just a book' in my hand and not my kindle, I would have thrown it at him.  Husband's who don't read are clueless.  Just a book!  Hmph! 


I loved this book :)