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Playing For Keeps - A Neighbor From Hell Series

Playing for Keeps  - R.L. Mathewson



Playing For Keeps

By R L Mathewson

Published: 29 April, 2011

Genre: Romance


With over 500 5* reviews on Amazon I though this book would be a winner and was looking forward to it, but was disappointment as I expected a lot more.


My biggest problem was with the characters.  They were childish and acted more like teenagers than 'grownups'. Jason especially - he was a jerk, and seriously p'd me off at times.  He also had this strange nickname for Haley and used it at every opportunity, it drove me nuts, I am not sure why, but it did  :)


Other than that, I enjoyed the story, but I hope Perfection which is the second book in the series is better as I really enjoyed the authors casual writing style.