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Thankless in Death

Thankless in Death - J.D. Robb



Thankless In Death

Series:  In Death Series #37

Author: J.D. Robb

Published: 17 September 2013

Genre: Crime/Thriller/Suspense


I have been reading the In Death series by J.D. Robb for many years and have all the books in the series.


I thoroughly enjoyed the story.  You know who the killer is from the outset, and follow him on his killing spree. This made for very interesting reading.


This killer is the worst kind possible. He is a weak underachiever with a warped sense of his own self-worth. Anyone who ever belittled him, embarrassed him or made him feel insignificant in any way was going to pay, he would see to that. He had a death list.


Eve is her normal self - she stands for the dead with the ever gorgeous Roarke at her side and together they work to capture the killer and put him behind bars.


But, there seems to be a problem here. Eve and Roarke's relationship and their interaction with each other seemed weak and was lacking in some way. By that I don't mean sexy stuff, I mean fundamentally they seemed different and weren't connecting as in previous books, which is a pity as that is the main reason why this series is so hugely popular.


The writing style has also changed. It is very choppy, which I don't normally mind, but I had to read some of the sentences/paragraphs a few times to get the full meaning. A few sentences did not even make sense at all, and could have done with a good editor.


All in all I enjoyed the book and even though it was disappointing in some aspects, it remains a good story.


Would I recommend it?

Yes, as long as the reader knows there are a few editing problems


Will I buy the next J.D. Robb book?

Yes, definitely - I love Eve and Roarke