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Ash - Jason Brant



Author: Jason Brant

Published: December 30, 2013

Genre: Thriller/Suspense


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a fast paced action thriller with great characters and a very unusual and interesting story line.


Ash, the main character, was a confident well-adjusted soldier leading a team in Iraq but after a devastating incident in which he was injured, he was sent back home to a future he could not come to terms with.  He could not cope with what was happening to him and the bottle became his escape, that is, until someone wanted to use him and his gift/curse for their own gain.  He then began to take his life back.


Ash certainly has my sympathy – I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to live with the thoughts of random strangers taking up space in my head – I have trouble organizing my own thoughts and having everyone else’s thoughts vying for space would drive me nuts within a few minutes, but it sure made for interesting reading and Jason Brant’s storytelling ability made this a very interesting and entertaining read.


I sincerely hope we get to read more about Ash and his friends in the near future – this is a great story.  I loved it :)


ps I love the cover too.