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Covenant Series

Daimon (Covenant, #0.5) - Jennifer L. Armentrout Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout Apollyon - Jennifer L. Armentrout Sentinel - Jennifer L. Armentrout


Title: Covenant Series

AuthorJennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: YA Paranormal


This series was recommended to me a while back, and as I had not read a YA series in a quite a while, I was ready for this one.  I went on a bit of a reading binge and read all the books one after the other.  Reading this way is satisfying as it is a complete series – and there is no waiting, but it does make it difficult to review each book separately, so I will just give my thoughts on the series as a whole.


There was so much I really enjoyed about this series – the characters were awesome, the action was great, and the romance was heart-stopping at times, but more than anything it was the story and the writing which brought it all together beautifully.  It worked very, very well.


I liked Alex as a character – she is a kick-ass no holds barred kind of girl and I like that.  I enjoyed reading about her journey from the young troubled teen that she was to the strong young woman she eventually became – she is a great character. Her love for Aidan was beautiful and his for her was powerful and selfless and I loved reading about their journey.


Out of all the characters, Seth, to me, was The Man.  He made some seriously bad judgement calls and was taken advantage of, but deep down he wanted to be an honorable man and to be respected and loved.  He is a really great character with hidden depths.


The story itself was great.  I enjoyed reading about the Olympian gods and their arrogant and humorous (to me) outlook on life.  It is probably not easy to live forever – everything has been said and done a thousand times before, and after a while, life probably becomes a bore and you do what you need to do to alleviate the boredom a bit.  Throw in a Titan here and there and things are bound to get interesting.


The conclusion to the series was not what I was expecting, but it made sense in a way.  I would have liked to have seen what happens to the rest of the cast of characters as they were important to the story, but the book just ended ……..


I did not read Elixir, which is an 80 page novella told from Aiden’s perspective. At $4.99 (South African price) I could not justify the cost, and as I am not a fan of novellas, I avoid them if I can. Having said that – Daimon, the first book in the series is actually a 93 page Prequel to the first book, Half-Blood, so it was important to buy and read it – but I must admit, it irritated the heck out of me – I have no idea why it was a prequel and not part of the first book – Half-Blood


All in all this is a good series and the first I have read by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  Apart from some really annoying editing errors it was a really good read and I enjoyed her style.