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Heaven and Hell by Kristen Ashley

Heaven and Hell - Kristen Ashley


Heaven and Hell

Author:  Kristen Ashley

Published:  December 28, 2011

Genre:  Contemporary Romance


This is a difficult one.  I enjoyed the story, but had a real problem with both Kia and Sam at times. I hated the way Sam treated Kia and often found myself itching to throw something at him - something hard and something that would not bounce off his thick arrogant skull. 


Kia comes from an abusive relationship.  Sam knew this and hated the fact that she suffered at the hand of her deceased husband - but he still goes ahead and manhandles her.  He is very domineering and controlling and intimidated Kia on many occasions, but did not see that his actions were abusive, even when she backed away from him.  When she asks for space he moves in closer and kisses her and she forgets everything else.  She is incredibly weak at times and it drove me nuts.


The writing is very different to anything I have read before.  The sentences are long and rambled and I often had to re-read the paragraph again and again to try and make sense of it.  More often than not I gave up and moved on.  Yeah ....... 


It is not perfect, but it all comes together at the end and I am glad I stuck with it.