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10 (or less) things about me

Original idea by Grimlock


I am a bit slow on this, but thought I would add mine too. I lead a pretty boring life so I will add photos to make it more interesting ........ lol


1. I met my husband when we were still in high school - we were 16.  We have been married for 35 years and have one daughter.   


2. I am South African and live in the Western Cape and this is my little house.

and the town ...... as you can see we are in the mountains :)


 3.  I have a small stained glass and engraving studio at home - I spend most of my time in there when I am not reading.


4.  My husband and I are Harley Davidson enthusiasts and love nothing more than to get on the bike and ride.  We enjoy visiting out of the way places and have often spent our holidays on the bike just touring the country.


Me (on the bike lol) and a friend at the Observatory in Sutherland - literally in the middle of nowhere. 



My husband in Cape Town

5. Other than glass and Harley Davidson, I love and adore my Siberian Huskies.  This is Ozzy and Micah cooling off in their pool.




Love this pic of my little girl


6.  I have only recently started taking an interest in photography and these are two of my favorite photos - I adore the children of Africa :)




An older photo - not very good but love this one too.  It is not cool to smile for the camera, but these two boys made our day - they were amazing.  My husband spent hours riding them, and their friends, around on the harley.  We had great fun.  The boy on the right, his name was Mr Cool, not kidding, he wanted to know how much a harley costs.  My husband told him a lot but if he worked hard he could also have one, one day.  He asked how hard will he have to work and my husband said very hard, and he said nah, he will get a Suzuki lol.




7.  Told you I lead a boring life ................ I can't even think of anything else to say :)  I hope you didn't mind the photos.


Edit:  some of our 'wild life'


This husky was visiting us from the UK and we took her sightseeing and introduced her to the penguins in Simon's Town :)



This is me (excuse the helmet hair) and a baboon not far from our home - I don't get closer than that :)