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A little local difficulty by Chris Marr

A Little Local Difficulty - Chris Marr


A Little Local Difficulty

Author:  Chris Marr

Published:  February 16, 2014

Genre: Crime / Suspense


This was a really good read.  Michael Janaway is a DCI who works and lives in Cambridge (UK).  He takes on the case of the murder of his neighbour, with a very interesting outcome – I honestly never saw it coming and other than a shocked ‘what the heck’ I was speechless haha.  The way it all played out was unexpected, but really, really good.


Michael has borderline Asperger’s Syndrome, which I found very interesting.  It was great to read about how he deals with the people around him, and how they in turn relate to him.  This, plus the way he goes about his job and how his ‘logical mind and his eye for detail’ (in the author’s own words) works for him, fascinated me.  I loved it.


It is not like any other suspense/crime novel I have read, which is a good thing, and it kept my interest throughout.  It is well written with good characters and a good story line.  Well worth the time, I will definitely be reading more by Chris Marr in the future.


Still can’t believe the outcome though lol.