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Ravaged by Jason Brant

Ravaged (The Hunger #3) - Jason Brant



Series:  The Hunger #3

Author:  Jason Brant

Published:  March 3, 2014

Genre: Post Apocalypse


It has been 173 days since I read Consumed (yes I counted the days) and was surprised, as it felt like just the other day, and yet, on the other hand it felt like forever as I waited anxiously to find out what happened to our motley crew. Ravaged, I am happy to say, was worth every second of the wait.


I wish I could tell you about everything that happened in this book as there was a lot of really, really good stuff happening all the time - I obviously can't - but what I can tell you, is that you will not be disappointed.  It was brilliant, it was mind-blowing, and it was also downright scary 99.9% of the time and I loved every nail biting minute of it.  


There has been a noticeable change in each of the main characters, specifically Lance, Cass, Doc and Eifort.  Some of the changes are subtle, but they are there and they add to the believability of the story while also adding depth to the characters which is so important when reading a series. Their story has changed them, and that, is life. 


I did wonder how Jason Brant would maintain the momentum from Consumed (which I loved), but he has done a great job.  It is well written, with great style and the characters are all well developed and compliment a storyline that is truly unique.


This was a heck of a read.  I loved it.




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